Leadmee is a free marketplace, without intermediaries, whose objective is connecting shippers and carriers for transporting goods at a previously agreed rate.

Leadmee Leadmee provides this service for all users without charge. Its use is regulated by the following terms and conditions.


All users must be registered in order to use the service.

Users are solely responsible for any and all use of their account.

Users must provide truthful and accurate information at the time of registering.

Users may use the service as a carrier or as a shipper, depending on their needs.

It is highly recommended that carriers and shippers rate each other, as this will help improve the service and guarantee its quality.

All users must be at least 18 years old.

It is not allowed to create or use multiple accounts, be it a personal account or an account to represent someone other than oneself.

*Leadmee reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account in case of breach of the conditions..



In order to verify the user’s identity, a verification code will be sent to the registered mobile phone number via SMS.

Leadmee reserves the right to request additional documentation in order to verify the members’ identity and detect fraudulent uses of the service, which could result in the termination of the account.

By registering as a user, members accept the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.


User: Person who registers in the platform to use the service.

Shipper: User who posts a shipment with the aim of finding carriers who can transport the freight or cargo for them.

Carrier: User who provides transportation services pursuant to an agreement with the shipper.

Bid: Offer of a price that the carrier makes for the transportation service requested by the shipper.

Transport Document or CMR: Document in which the shipper and the carrier indicate all the relevant information about the vehicle and the freight.

Alerts: Premium service through which carriers can be notified of potential shipments, according to their characteristics or location.



Any user who posts a shipment will be considered a shipper. They will need to submit detailed information about the freight (weight, size, characteristics, condition…), photographs, and indicate origin and destination addresses, pickup and delivery dates, and other relevant terms and conditions.

Once the form has been completely filled in, the shipment can be posted.

* The shipper is responsible for the contents of the shipment. It is recommended to carefully pack and seal the items and take a photograph of the package before shipping it.


Carriers make an offer for the transportation service that the shipper has requested in his post. They can contact the shipper in a private chat to ask for further information, negotiate the terms or request clarification.

Carriers may ask to inspect the cargo if they find it necessary, as they will be responsible and liable for it during transit and while it is in their custody.

Carriers may make the shipment by whichever means they deem appropriate, so long as they inform the shipper beforehand and they abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

At the time of pickup, it is recommended that the carrier fills in the Transport Document or CMR with information about the shipper and the carrier, the cargo, pickup and delivery dates, origin and destination addresses, person to whom it will be delivered and other terms and conditions. Both parties must verify this information before the shipment.

Once the shipment has been made, and following the inspection of the goods, the recipient will confirm the delivery.

The carrier is responsible for complying with the current transport laws and regulations that apply in each state.

* Carriers are responsible for the shipped package for as long as it is in their custody, so it is advisable to inspect and take a photograph of it before picking it up.


After a specified period of time, the shipper may restart the bidding process, or close it and contact the carrier that they consider best for the shipment (be it for price, delivery date, reliability or any other reason).

Shipper and carrier will be connected through a private chat where they can agree on the terms and conditions of the transportation service.

Once the shipper confirms the correct delivery of the shipment, the process will be over.


At the time of the transaction, the shipper and the carrier must identify themselves in order to verify their identities used on Leadmee.

Posting a shipment on behalf of a third party is prohibited.


Once the shipment is complete, carrier and shipper will rate each other.


Leadmee provides carriers and shippers with a rating system which enables them to evaluate each other and measure the quality of the services provided, thus guaranteeing a better functioning of the system.

This system consists of a five-star rating (with 0 being very poor and 5 being excellent) along with a comment about the user’s experience.

Users can only evaluate each other once a shipment has been made.

This tool will enable users to measure the quality of the services provided and the reliability of other users.


You hereby acknowledge and accept that Leadmee reserves the right to delete or not publish any shipment, comment, review, question or answer whose content is deemed against the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Leadmee reserves the right to suspend, block or terminate an account if it is being misused and the General Terms and Conditions of Use are not being complied with.


Users can report other members to Leadmee in case of:

  1. Fraudulent use of the system.
  2. Fake identity.
  3. Fake shipment post.
  4. Fraudulent bid.
  5. Defamatory or insulting messages.
  6. Breach of contract.
  7. Theft.


Accessing, registering, posting and using the service is totally free of charge. Nevertheless, Leadmee reserves the right to make changes in the system, with prior notification to the users, and introduce advertisements or any other feature that guarantees the correct functioning of the service.


The freight rate is determined by the carrier and the shipper, who will be solely responsible for it.

Using the service to arrange transactions between carriers and shippers for a commission or compensation is not allowed. The service aims at connecting carriers and shippers directly, without mediators or brokers.


Leadmee provides a free posting and bidding service without charging commissions for it, but reserves the right to promote itself in the future or introduce any other premium feature to ensure the continuation of the service.


You agree to use the service exclusively for contacting carriers who are willing to share shipping costs, without commercial or business purposes.

As a carrier, you agree to not request a freight rate that exceeds the shared transportation costs and thus generates a profit. The aim of your offer is to share the shipping costs, and you are solely responsible for estimating them depending on the distance and other conditions.

Leadmee reserves the right to suspend your account if fraudulent or commercial uses are detected.

7.1 – USAGE

You acknowledge that when using Leadmee you are solely responsible for abiding by and complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

As a carrier or a shipper, you also agree to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.


In accordance with what is established in the Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data, particularly in Article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that the personal information that you provide at the time of registering as a user on the site or using the platform and its services, as well as the information derived from your browsing, posts, requests, chats, searches, purchases and feedback and from the linking of your Leadmee account to your Facebook or Google account will be collected and stored in a file managed by Leadmee Ltd.


Posting shipments of items that are illegal or banned by the law of the applicable country is not allowed.

Creating a post about something other than shipments or transportation services is not allowed.