Garantie de livraison AXA

Your shipment is insured with AXA
Your shipment is insured with AXA

Livraison garantie sur tous les envois grâce à AXA.

Leadmee et AXA sont des leaders et des modèles économiques dans leurs domaines respectifs à travers le monde. Nous avons conclu un accord de collaboration unique en son genre dans le but de bénéficier à tous les utilisateurs de la plate-forme, grâce à l'assurance de livraison garantie gratuite et basique, dans laquelle tous les envois traités avec l'application de transport collaboratif de Leadmee sont assurés. Cette coopération rend tout envoi encore plus fiable et sûr.

Grâce à AXA, tous les envois traités par l'intermédiaire de la plateforme Leadmee bénéficient d'une assurance basique de livraison garantie en cas de non-arrivée de marchandises.

Leadmee et AXA, unis pour garantir la livraison de tous les envois que vous procedez via notre plateforme.



Présent dans 64 pays.

1ère marque mondiale d'assurance.

La première marque d'assurance mondiale (1) propose des produits et services adaptés aux besoins de ses clients et dans différents domaines : assurance globale des biens et des propriétés, assurance vie et gestion des placements. En Espagne, AXA est le leader de l'assurance avec plus de trois millions de clients particuliers et d'entreprises auxquels il fournit des services basés sur la protection et la prévention des risques pour les personnes et leurs biens.

(1) Classement Inter-marques 2018

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La police d'assurance couvre toutes les expéditions enregistrées et traitées par la plateforme de transport de Leadmee, avec une indemnité de 10€.

En cas de non-arrivée de marchandises, consultez nos:

Une indemnisation peut être réclamée si votre marchandise n'arrive pas à destination en raison des incidents suivants : panne, accident, perte ou vol.


Le montant assuré ne peut dépasser la valeur de l'offre acceptée pour l'expédition.
Couverture de l'Union Européenne.
Les données suivantes doivent avoir été remplies dans le profil de l'utilisateur :

Si vous êtes travailleur autonome:

Nom et prénom.
Numéro d'identification.

Si vous êtes une entreprise:

Nom ou raison sociale:
Numéro d'identification fiscale.


Origine de l'expédition.
Date d'expédition.
Destination d'expédition.
Description de la marchandise.
Valeur déclarée.
Remplir le bon de retrait et le bon de livraison.

Fournir la référence de l'envoi.


Envíos abiertosFacture de marchandises
Bon de livraison de l'expéditeur/du coursier.


Il s'agit d'une police d'assurance qui garantit une indemnisation de 10€ en cas d'échec de la livraison. Pour plus d'informations, consultez nos "Conditions générales de vente". 

L'assurance Livraison Garantie AXA de base est gratuite pour tous les envois traités sur la plateforme Leadmee. Pour plus d'informations, consultez nos "Conditions générales de vente".

Grâce à l'Assurance Livraison Garantie AXA Basic, l'utilisateur concerné a droit à une indemnité de 10€. Pour plus d'informations, consultez nos "Conditions générales de vente".

Tous les utilisateurs de Leadmee qui ont géré et traité leurs expéditions via la plateforme et qui se conforment à nos "Termes et Conditions".

Il s'agit d'une assurance volontaire qui complète la police de base pour augmenter la couverture en cas de non-présentation de marchandises ou de marchandises par l'utilisateur.

TTous les utilisateurs qui transportent de nouveaux articles, avec facture, et expédiés par des expéditeurs/cousriers professionnels.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez les tables de tarification de l'assurance "améliorée ou Complémentaire", sous la rubrique "Conditions générales".

La politique de livraison garantie n'est valable que pour les pays de l'Union européenne. Pour plus d'informations, consultez nos "Conditions générales de vente".

Pour signaler la non-arrivée de marchandises et/ou de biens, et réclamer votre indemnisation, envoyez un courriel à moc.eemdael@ortsiger avec votre demande.

Pour réclamer votre indemnité en raison de la non-présentation de marchandises, vous devez fournir : votre nom au complet, une copie du document d'identification ou du numéro d'identification fiscale, et une preuve de la propriété du compte bancaire où vous aimeriez recevoir l'indemnité, le cas échéant.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez nos:


This policy grants coverage to the contracted transport through the application of the single Insured and exclusively for lack of delivery of the transported merchandise. A compensation limit of 10 euros is established per shipment.


In the event of a loss, the policyholder must provide Leadmee and AXA with the following documentation:

Verifier of the on-line order of the service with the shipping reference, origin, destination, date of shipment, sender and recipient, declared value, merchandise description as well as the level of insurance contracted. By default, all shipments are assigned the basic insurance guarantee of delivery with a compensation of €10 in case of non-arrival at destination.

A) To be able to claim the compensation it will be necessary to have filled in all the obligatory fields of the shipment:

  1. Shipping reference.
  2. Origin of the shipment.
  3. Shipping date.
  4. Destination of the shipment.
  5. Deadline.
  6. Merchandise description.
  7. Declared value.
  8. Fill out collection and delivery records

Soon, you can hire the "UPGRADE" insurance

To notify an incident, send an email to moc.eemdael@ortsiger with:

  1. Recipient's claim notifying that the delivery hasn’t been received.
  2. Identification document of the beneficiary of the compensation (consignee) consisting of a copy of the DNI or tax documentation, in the case of being a company, and the bank's proof of ownership.


The deadline to notify the non-arrival of a merchandise is 5 days, the incident must be notified to the following email: moc.eemdael@ortsiger.


Excluded goods

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the following goods are excluded:

  1. Radioactive, corrosive, flammable, explosive and poisonous substances.
  2. Live animals.
  3. Perishable and/or refrigerated and/or frozen products.
  4. Special transports and containers.
  5. New and used vehicles, including caravans and trailers, recreational boats and jet skis, motorcycles and mopeds.
  6. Cash, bank notes, commercial or banking or exchange effects, debit cards, credit cards, telephone cards, securities and coupons for securities, lottery, scratch cards and similar.

Excluded countries

Exports with origin, destination or transit by countries in situation of alert due to terrorism, war or similar with or without official declaration for this purpose, and in particular with respect to the following countries are excluded: Belarus, North Korea, Cuba , Iran, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, unless expressly agreed otherwise.


Excluded risks common to all types of transport.

Unless otherwise agreed, losses, damages and expenses that are totally or partially, directly or indirectly caused by or as a result of:

  1. Risks excluded by the Commercial Code that haven’t been covered by the basic guarantees of this policy.
  2. Detention, arrest, appropriation or confiscation by judicial or administrative order, or by order of friendly or enemy governments, recognized or not; nor of damages arising from contraband, violation of blockages and trade, activity or prohibited traffic, or non-compliance with laws or prescriptions for issuance, import, export or transit, fiscal, sumptuary or port provisions of any country or by lack of essential documents for the item.
  3. War risks and its consequences, both before and after its declaration, submarine or floating mines and other warlike devices, conatus or breaking of blockade, by order of foreign power, as a result of riots, civil commotions, military pronouncements, wars, seditions, hostilities, strikes, reprisals, sabotage, lockout, boycott, terrorism, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes or other seismic phenomena.
  4. Total or partial theft (except as established in basic guarantees), robbery, loss or total/partial delivery of packages, spills, breaks, oxidations, stains, discoloration, wetting, mold, contact with other cargoes, chafing and gnawing of insects or other harmful animals, sanitary measures of disinfection and disinfection.
  5. Fermentation, germination, spontaneous generation and corruption due to the nature or inherent defect or the intrinsic quality of the insured goods - influence of atmospheric agents such as heat, rain, ice - deterioration as a consequence of excess of traveling.
  6. Spills and natural loss and/or differences in weight or volume, use and wear, dispersion not due to accidents covered by the basic guarantees of this policy.
  7. Spontaneous combustion of the items.
  8. Drop of packages in the operations of loading and/or unloading or damages to the merchandise by operations performed in open sea, barracks or similar.
  9. Bad stowage or inadequate stowage, falling of packages during loading/unloading operations; deficiency or insufficiency of packaging, wrapping or preparation of the insured object.
  10. Bad faith, deceit or serious fault of the Insured, as well as infidelity of the personnel dependent on the Policyholder or the Insured.
  11. Delays in transportation, even if it’s due to a breakdown of any of the vital parts of the transportation.
  12. Damage suffered by the goods and expenses incurred, by spontaneous separation of convoy or voluntary prolongation of the transportation to a different place.
  13. Exchange difference and, in general, any indirect damage or difficulty of commercial order, whatever its cause, guarantees or finances that the Insured must build to free the goods from a seizure or detention.
  14. Damage suffered by the merchandise during delays, detours, impediment or interruption of the trip due to causes attributable to the Insured or the Policyholder.
  15. Radioactive materials, transmutation of atoms, fusion or atomic or nuclear fission or any other similar reactions.
  16. Blow, shock or rubbing of the goods with tree branches, cables, bridge arches, roofs or garages, service stations or other constructions, when the transport is carried out in open vehicles, unless the transportation is made in closed containers.
  17. Damages that the goods may suffer when the transportation is loaded in excess of the limit established by the competent authority or when its dimensions exceed those legally authorized, if the person who secures the goods is in turn the owner of the means of transport or carrier vehicle.
  18. Particular breakdown, in case of maritime transport of cash, gold and silver, securities, stones, precious metals, paintings and art objects admitted by the insurance company by special condition, responding only to breakdowns in which said merchandise had total or absolute losses.

Applicable legislation:

  1. Law 50/1980, of October 8, Insurance Contract.
  2. Law 20/2015, of July 14, on the organization, supervision and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities.
  3. Royal Decree 1060/2015, of November 20, on the organization, supervision and solvency of insurance and reinsurance entities.
  4. Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.
  5. Law 59/2003, of December 19, of Electronic Signature.
  6. Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce.
  7. Law 22/2007, of July 11, on distance marketing of financial services for consumers. -. If compulsory insurance is applicable.
  8. If there are extraordinary risks of the Consortium R.D.L. 7/2004, of October 29, which approves the revised text of the Legal Statute of the Insurance Compensation Consortium.
  9. And any other rule that during the validity of this policy may be applicable.


In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the Policyholder / Insured is informed and authorizes the incorporation of its data into the files of AXA SEGUROS GENERALES, S.A. DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS and the treatment thereof. The completion of all personal data provided is completely voluntary, but necessary for the contractual relationship. For this purpose, it expressly authorizes that all its data, including health data, can be treated confidentially by the insurance company, as well as that these data can be communicated between said entity and doctors, health centers, hospitals and institutions or entities that, in accordance with the purpose and object of the contract, as well as for reinsurance and co-insurance matters that intervene in the policy.

The data transferred will be treated confidentially by all entities mentioned and will be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose expressed in relation to the insurance contract.

The Policyholder / Insured may contact AXA SEGUROS E INVERSIONES (Marketing Department - CRM), Camino Fuente de la Mora, 1 Madrid AXA Building 28050 Madrid, or through any of the following numbers 901 900 009 or 93 366 93 51, to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established in the current legislation.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, it is notified that the data or part of them, as well as those generated in the event of a loss, will be assigned to public or private organizations related to the insurance sector for statistical-actuarial and fraud prevention purposes, in the selection of risks and in the settlement of claims.

AXA informs you that your data can be used to carry out the pertinent verifications and confirmations that allow us to evaluate the risk and possible fraud in the pre-contractual and/or contractual moment of the policy. Also, we inform you that we can access files on creditworthiness and credit to evaluate your solvency.

Si vous devez signaler la non-arrivée de vos marchandises, envoyez un courriel à moc.eemdael@ortsiger.