Regras do fórum

The registration in the Leadmee Forum is free and allows the use of the platform to publish transports or offer services for carrying out transports.
The registration is validated by mobile message to guarantee the identity of the user.
To actively use the forum service you must be a registered user and you must accept the conditions of use and rules of conduct.
Considering the nature of this real-time discussion forum, it is impossible to review each and every message and information displayed here. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the content of messages and are not responsible for the information displayed in them. All messages reflect the views of the author, and neither the forum service provider nor Leadmee sl will be responsible for the content of any message.

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You agree, by registering and using this service, that you will not use it to send messages that contain:

- Xenophobic, homophobic, racist or defamatory comments.
- Scams or sales of counterfeit or non-original products.
- Damages to people or companies (false information, insults, defamation, threats, etc.).
- Personal data of third parties without consent.
- Denial of service activities.
- Downloads or links to copyrighted content (software, video, audio, sporting events…) without the authorization or permission of the owner.
- Distribution, exchange or dissemination of any type of illegal content (links to external content, profiles, photos, videos, etc).
- Any other type of illicit activities or content.
- Any type of unwanted advertising (spam) such as websites, Groups or Telegram Channels, referrals outside the specific subforum, etc.
- Dissemination of price errors in products, which seek to generate economic damage to online stores, especially those that are advertisers or members of the forum.
Any message that can be identified in any of the above types will lead to the ban of the account as well as the provision of information about the user that they require to carry out their actions to the authorities.

In addition to the breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service that may lead to the withdrawal of messages or cancellation of the account, there are other responsibilities and consequences of the users regarding their topics or messages.

This information is applicable to all types of forums and comments on blogs, social networks, news websites, videos, and in general to any website or service provided that may store or host content generated by users.

Each message sent using the forum service is the responsibility of the user who wrote the message.

The public administration through the National Police (Group of Technological or Telecommunications Crimes), the Civil Guard (Group of Telematic Crimes) or the courts may request in this forum and in other websites or services, technical data of users through judicial requirements or investigations to the repression of criminal offenses, such as:

1. Xenophobia, racism or hate speech.
2. Privacy and security: PUBLICATION or QUOTE of CSI-type messages with data from third parties affecting privacy or security such as names, photos, videos, telephone numbers, profile links, etc. [the origin of the information published or made publicly available elsewhere is not relevant, the offense may consist only in the fact of its publication]
3. Crimes of opinion: Eg: Threats, defamation, slander or insults to people, organizations, groups, companies, institutions, etc.
4. Impersonation.
5. Scams.
6. Electoral law / Criticism of the government. * What can be considered criminal (Example: false accusation, slander and insult, crimes of opinion...).
7. Apology: of terrorism or violence.
8. Downloads - Streaming (Copyright / Author's rights): Distribution, exchange or dissemination of content or devices that generate copyright and intellectual property infringements. (Links to streaming or downloads of software, programs, games, series and movies, music, streaming sporting events, etc.)
9. Industrial Property - Trademarks (sale or exchange of counterfeit or non-original products)
10. Illegal content or facilitation of access by any means and for any purpose (including reporting) to illegal content].
11. Users in the process of identification by the Courts or Security Forces (Police, Civil Guard, Mossos...) for activity investigated on other websites (twitter, Facebook, youtube, etc).
12. Acts of denial of service / DoS (attacks using computer techniques on forums, websites, etc.) [criminal offense since 2010]
13. Other illegal activities or content.

Any website that allows the inclusion of content in real time of users, as a provider of this service, by virtue of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, is not responsible for the content stored at the request of the user, provided that there is no actual knowledge, meaning actual knowledge, that a competent body has declared that content illegal and has been officially notified to the service provider.

In case of receiving notification, the medium must act diligently to withdraw the data or make access to them impossible.

All this without prejudice to the content detection and removal procedures that providers apply by virtue of voluntary agreements and other means of effective knowledge that may be established.

This information is applicable to all types of forums, blogs (including comments), social networks, news websites, videos, etc.