About us

Leadmee - Transport logistic

Leadmee was born out of the necessity to connect shippers and carriers to arrange all kinds of shipments. This service is targeted at individuals, freelancers, SMEs, companies with a fleet of their own, multinational shipping companies, etc. Our aim is to help them arrange and carry out shipments with the help of a tool that enables them to connect with potential customers, either individuals or businesses, and provide their services in a free marketplace without having to deal with intermediaries or brokers who charge commissions or impose their rates.

Shippers can agree on the rate and the terms with the carrier, which enables them to choose what suits their needs best at very competitive prices.

Carriers can look for shipments depending on their location or their route, making it easier, quicker and more effective to arrange shipments and transportation routes.

Leadmee leads a revolution in the world of transportation, being a tool accessible to everyone and providing its users with freedom and autonomy.

Leadmee provides this service for all users without charge.